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Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

There are so many models for sleeping bag:

1. From the shape,  mummy sleeping bag,envelope sleeping bag,fixed sleeping bag
2. From the filling,  polyester sleeping bag,flannel sleeping bag,down sleeping bag
3. From the season, 1 season sleeping bag,2 season sleeping bag,3 season sleeping bag,4 season sleeping bag.
sleep bag

Our sleeping bags are produced by good waterproofed breathable Polyester shell,can hold up 3000mmPa. It can give you good feeling wherever in garden or wild outdoor or on mountains.
sleep bag

Our sleeping bag have multiplex materials,Polyester,Cotton,P/C,Flannel. All of them have soft features for people’s skins to make them sleeping well.

Our sleeping bags’s fillings are Polyester,Hollow Fibre,Spray-bonded Cotton,Silk-like Cotton,Flannel,Duck Down,Goose Down etc. They can catch any temperature required via buyer.

sleeping bag for dog

At the same time,we have some sleeping bags specially for army and military, Shell and Lining must be passed the tests. The carry bags are compressed ones.

So we are sure that you can find the right one of your outdoor/camping life.